Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art By Comittee (Season 2)

Hooray! hooray! James Gurney (of Gurney Journey) has brought back his group-sketch game of Art By Comittee! Yeah, you heard me: ABC is back! XD

(Note for Newbies: ABC was a weekly game where participants each illustrated an actual excerpt from a science fiction manuscript.)

This time round, Gurney has made a major modification: ABC is now held monthly instead of weekly. Heh... this sure will give more time for folks to come up with something really inspiring!


I'm pretty excited about this ^_^" The last (and only ;P) time I entered was in May 2008. No real excuse for the lack of participation... just my own troublesome procrastination coupled with an overpacked agenda.

Anyways, this was the excerpt that I illustrated:

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Pretty graphic account. Cliche, I know - but it still held my interest. The name "Chukumbu" was culturally vague... it could've passed as anyone's name - the possibilities ranged from an alien invader to an American Indian (okaayy...I'm stretching it here ;P)

I liked it ^_^" So I took the plunge and submitted a sketch:

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Prophet S thinks it's funny. Well, I think it's funny too. (A macabre sense of humor is wont to afflict me at times ;P)... But to tell you the truth, I'm not too happy with it. It was somewhat of an eleventh-hour job, so my options were limited. The artwork style was due to my recent anime craze that had left me permanently afflicted with perpetual anime emoticon usage (^_^" Yeah, that's a good example :) 

Gurney probably thought I was an obsessed 4channer (I'm not ;) But cool guy that he is, he posts up all submissions on his blog :D The Chukumbu round garnered quite a number of strikingly artistic endeavors. (Made me wish I'd spent more time on my Chukumbu -_-") Dave Harshberger's was my fave: Click here to see his take on Chukumbu :)

Anyways, the first excerpt in ABC Season 2 is shown right here:

Heh. I fully intend to participate in the Keep an Eye Out round. The excerpt may be cliche (as usual ;P), but I've got some quirky ideas residing in my noggin - wouldn't like to waste 'em, y'know *grin* I've got till the 12th of Feb to send 'em to Gurney Journey.

Now: To work! Photobucket


  1. Wow that's interesting, really. You're really into art huh? I wanna learn more XD