Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

 chinese opera

As you can see, in honor of Chinese New Year, I've given iKzut a makeover ^_^ It's my take on the sketchbook look - clean and simple with pretty much zero tweaking to the original template. This design fitted my decision to dedicate iKzut solely to visual art. As such, I've created a separate blog for my book reviews: the drifter notes

I hope that having separate blogs for my separate interests will make it more convenient for my readers...

...though my bro thinks iKzut looks like some sorta  promotional website now 'coz of the red seal stamped all over the place (-_-") He thinks it looks like a logo or something...What do you think? Comments please! ;)

Btw, the tiger above is an old ink drawing I dug out (under my growing pile of used sketchbooks ;P) and colored using Adobe Photoshop. I just realized how old it is... according to the date I scribbled in the corner, it's 6 years old...Huh (-_-") 

Well, let me know if you like it/hate it (I'll do a fresh drawing for my next artwork post *promise* ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ABC: Keep An Eye Out

Finally got round to posting up my artwork ;P

View full size.

Please comment/criticise.

(A/N: I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Real life gets in the way sometimes, y'know? C'est la vie.

(Anyways, my sincere apologies.)

Gurney's ABC post is finally up and displaying everybody's individual interpretation of the excerpt and...

...IT'S SO COOL!! *loves it* lovesick bunny

Man, there are some fantastic artists out there. Hell yeah XD I especially loved the pic from Mei-Yi Chun. It took the exerpt's meaning to a whole 'nother level: the level of cool.

Well... *ahem* that's my own little opinion >_>... Anyone is free to dispute otherwise on this point.

(A/N: Who dares to disagree with me?? *DIE DIE DIE*violent stabbing

(A/N #2: Kidding ;)

Anyways...I discovered her website :) Right here.

sparkles Nice stuff there. *can't wait to explore! ^_^*

Yep. ABC rocks pure awesomeness *nods assent* Wouldn't mind joining the next round :) Here's the quote for next month:

Quintessence of weirdness.sweatdrop bunny

But I'll take a whack at it ^_^

(A/N: Except for one major problem: these days  my schedule is replete with busyness. So, no promises for doing this one. Well, okay... I might be able to fit in time to do this... if I cut out the non-essential stuff in my daily regime. Y'know, stuff like: eating, breathing, and sleeping. Yeah, that would work ;)