Saturday, December 13, 2008

vita brevis, ars longa

  Welcome to iKzut!

  As this will be my first post, I'll just do a brief intro. This is my mascot, Tuzki:

1st tuzki

  Created by the eminent Wang Momo, this cute little guy is my current favorite Flash :) Tuzki will be a frequent visitor on most of my posts; most of which will cover a broad range of subjects.

  My interests run the gamut from graphic design to classic (and neo-classic ;) English lit, Flash animations, shooters, and Star Wars trivia. 

  A hazy goal of mine is to be a writer someday, so expect the occasional dribble/drabble/droubble (^_^) As a pretty voracious reader, I also intend to post a couple of book reviews. I do ruff sketches on-and-off, and those might be posted too. Maybe. XD

  Vita brevis, ars longa. Life is short, Art is long.

  Check me up later on :D

  Btw: Please don't overfeed the hamster ;)