Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art By Comittee (Season 2)

Hooray! hooray! James Gurney (of Gurney Journey) has brought back his group-sketch game of Art By Comittee! Yeah, you heard me: ABC is back! XD

(Note for Newbies: ABC was a weekly game where participants each illustrated an actual excerpt from a science fiction manuscript.)

This time round, Gurney has made a major modification: ABC is now held monthly instead of weekly. Heh... this sure will give more time for folks to come up with something really inspiring!


I'm pretty excited about this ^_^" The last (and only ;P) time I entered was in May 2008. No real excuse for the lack of participation... just my own troublesome procrastination coupled with an overpacked agenda.

Anyways, this was the excerpt that I illustrated:

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Pretty graphic account. Cliche, I know - but it still held my interest. The name "Chukumbu" was culturally vague... it could've passed as anyone's name - the possibilities ranged from an alien invader to an American Indian (okaayy...I'm stretching it here ;P)

I liked it ^_^" So I took the plunge and submitted a sketch:

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Prophet S thinks it's funny. Well, I think it's funny too. (A macabre sense of humor is wont to afflict me at times ;P)... But to tell you the truth, I'm not too happy with it. It was somewhat of an eleventh-hour job, so my options were limited. The artwork style was due to my recent anime craze that had left me permanently afflicted with perpetual anime emoticon usage (^_^" Yeah, that's a good example :) 

Gurney probably thought I was an obsessed 4channer (I'm not ;) But cool guy that he is, he posts up all submissions on his blog :D The Chukumbu round garnered quite a number of strikingly artistic endeavors. (Made me wish I'd spent more time on my Chukumbu -_-") Dave Harshberger's was my fave: Click here to see his take on Chukumbu :)

Anyways, the first excerpt in ABC Season 2 is shown right here:

Heh. I fully intend to participate in the Keep an Eye Out round. The excerpt may be cliche (as usual ;P), but I've got some quirky ideas residing in my noggin - wouldn't like to waste 'em, y'know *grin* I've got till the 12th of Feb to send 'em to Gurney Journey.

Now: To work! Photobucket

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

David Wiesner

An American author and illustrator of numerous children's books, Wiesner has received three Caldecott Medals and two Caldecott Honors for his works. I've been lucky enough to experience the pleasure of enjoying his three Caldecott winners. Despite the fact that the books are meant for the pure entertainment of children, I doubt that few adults can resist them as well. The artwork is gorgeous - lovingly rendered in finely-worked detail. They furnish esprit to an already intrinsically fascinating story. Fantastic and full of verve, these books will entrall both children and art-lovers alike.

Tuesday (1991) 

The Three Pigs (2001)

Flotsam (2006)