Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

 chinese opera

As you can see, in honor of Chinese New Year, I've given iKzut a makeover ^_^ It's my take on the sketchbook look - clean and simple with pretty much zero tweaking to the original template. This design fitted my decision to dedicate iKzut solely to visual art. As such, I've created a separate blog for my book reviews: the drifter notes

I hope that having separate blogs for my separate interests will make it more convenient for my readers...

...though my bro thinks iKzut looks like some sorta  promotional website now 'coz of the red seal stamped all over the place (-_-") He thinks it looks like a logo or something...What do you think? Comments please! ;)

Btw, the tiger above is an old ink drawing I dug out (under my growing pile of used sketchbooks ;P) and colored using Adobe Photoshop. I just realized how old it is... according to the date I scribbled in the corner, it's 6 years old...Huh (-_-") 

Well, let me know if you like it/hate it (I'll do a fresh drawing for my next artwork post *promise* ;)